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I am not an art and crafts type of person, never have been, but lately my sister has been enlisting me to work on projects she saw on Pinterest with her. I was doubtful that it would be worth our time to make things ourselves that we could we just buy already made in the store, but she convinced me to help her make a wreath for my front door and to my surprise it turned out beautifully, and at a much lower cost than such a wreath would have cost me at the store. So I decided that going forward I would add our DIY projects to the blog.

We bought a new house a few months ago, and I have been working on getting it decorated. I recently mentioned to my sister that I would like some sort of monogrammed art to hang on the wall above the couch in my formal living room, and of course she thought it would make a good DIY project for us. As my last name is Peters, we set our sights on a “P” project.

The first step was for us and our, ahem, assistants to head to Hobby Lobby for supplies:

Pproject9                      Pproject10

We found a frame (just a wooden frame, no glass) on clearance and had hoped to find a wooden, unpainted letter, but had to make due with an already painted one, deciding we could sand it and paint it. We brought our supplies home and assembled them:


We bought: a wooden frame, a wooden letter, two cans of spray paint (one for the frame and one for the letter), and sandpaper. Step one was to sand the frame and the letter just enough to remove the gloss from the existing paint, and then wipe them clean with a damp cloth:

Pproject11   Pproject13  Pproject7  Pproject8

Now we were ready to paint. We  laid the frame and the letter on a portable table we have, using garbage bags to protect the table from paint:



To match my decorating theme, I chose brown for the frame and a greenish-blue for the “P”. The color is Catalina Mist, if you want to get technical. It took several coats to cover the existing paint colors:

Pproject5         Pproject3


After several touchups to make sure the paint was evenly covered. we were ready to let them dry:

Pproject       Pproject4

After allowing the frame and letter to dry for an hour, I asked hubby to hang them on the wall for me. I decided to hang the frame horizontally with the P centered in the middle. The wall makes up the background for the piece:



Viola! A simple project that added some elegant personalization to our formal living room at a low cost. The frame was on clearance for $19.99, the letter was $4.99, the spray paints were $5.99 each, and the sandpaper was $2.99 for a total cost of $39.95.

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