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To Google content is king and I can provide you with high quality, engaging content for your site. Through my content writing service Mom Blog, Inc I provide high quality, original content for parenting, family, and marriage blogs to help them drive targeted traffic to their sites. I work with Mommy bloggers who are working toward monetizing or growing their blog as well as small businesses to help them gain traffic and start making sales. I provide the content they need at prices Moms and small businesses can actually afford.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

Blogs that are updated consistently with original, high quality, SEO friendly content are an extremely useful and cost effective marketing strategy. When done right not only can a blog drive traffic to your site, it can drive the right traffic to your site – your targeted customers. For example, if you are a small online business who sells baby clothes and accessories, then having a blog that provides useful and valuable information to pregnant women and mothers of babies will help to drive them to your site and convert them into customers. If your business doesn’t have a blog then you are missing out on a valuable marketing tool. Check out your competitors – odds are they have a blog and you should, too.

Let me help you drive targeted traffic to your site so you start making sales.


eBooks can be a great way to grow your follower base or make some extra income. Many bloggers sale their eBook to their followers or on Amazon. Have you been thinking about writing an eBook but don’t have time to write it? I can write it for you as a ghostwriter – I’ll do the work and you can reap all the rewards and take all the credit.

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Need help setting up your blog or need someone to run it for you? I can help with that, too. Contact me at mombloginc@gmail.com to discuss your content needs today!