DIY – Hobby Lobby Wall Decor

While shopping for supplies for a DIY project we were working on, my sister and I came across this cute wall décor in Hobby Lobby:

hobby lobby

I loved it and had to have it … until I turned it over and saw the price tag: $69.99! Ouch! I was bummed, I really liked it but no way was I forking over that kind of money for it. My sister was optimistic that we could make one like it ourselves, at a much more affordable price. So we set out to do just that.

First things first, we needed to get the wood. After browsing the Lowe’s wood selection, it was decided that pine wood treated wood fence picket would work best. We were able to buy four of them for $1.54 each. We then picked out the paint for the background of the project. We picked gray and purchased a sample for $5.49. Then we grabbed some wood screws for $1.54 and were off to Michael’s. We still had spray paint left over from our “P” project, so at Michael’s we bought a two ounce bottle of matching craft paint, a bag of popsicle sticks, wood glue, and a white wood paint pen at a cost of $12.98. We got the last of our supplies at The Dollar Tree where we purchased three 4 x 6 picture frames for $3.00.

Once we got home, we quickly realized we were going to need some muscle to cut the wood for us, so we enlisted my brother-in-law for that job.


He cut the boards so that we had five 35 inch pieces and two 28 1/2 inch pieces. We then fashioned a pallet by laying the five 35 inch pieces horizontally touching each other and screwing the two 28 1/2 inch pieces to the back of each board at both ends.


hobby2                    hobby1         hobby3

Once the pallet was made, it was time to paint it gray. We made sure to paint the sides as well as the front. While the wood was drying, we spray painted the picture frames that we got from the Dollar Tree. We removed the glass and backing before painting them.

Now the tricky part, painting the words on the pallet. We used a transparency with the words and heart drawn on it and used a projector to shine it on the pallet so all we had to do was trace it. You can also use stencils or, if you’re brave (and confident) enough, you can free hand it. We used the wood paint pen for the words and outline of the heart and then colored in the heart with the craft paint.

While the paint was drying, we used gorilla glue to glue the glass back into the picture frames. It was necessary to glue the glass to the frames because we wouldn’t be using the backing to the frames. Once this was done, we cleaned the smudges off of the glass. We then used the gorilla glue to place popsicle sticks on the bottom and both sides of the back of the frames, which would leave room for pictures to slide in through the top.

Once the glue and paint were dry, we glued the picture frames to the right side of the pallet, evenly spaced. You may need to place a heavy object on top of the frames while the glue is drying, to ensure that they adhere well. We placed books on top of them.

hobby4        hobby6   hobby5

Once everything was dry, we had a finished product:


I will post more pictures once I put the photos in it and hang it on the wall, but I am so excited about this project that I couldn’t wait to post it. It isn’t exactly like the one at Hobby Lobby, but the total cost of this project was $27.63 compared to their $69,99 and I was able to pick colors that go with my décor. And of course a big sense of accomplishment comes with mine.

I have mad love for my sister, she worked hard on this project and deserves props!

What do you think? Is it as good as the original?


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