7 Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

7 Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

In honor of the release of mine and Cassie’s new book, 103 Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier, I am going to share 7 hacks from the book with you here. All of the hacks in the book are provided with one goal in mind – to make your life easier in the kitchen so that you can spend less time working and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor with your family and friends.

Here are 7 of my favorite hacks from the book:

If a recipe calls for self rising flour and all you have is all purpose, just make your own. If you’ve started whipping together ingredients for a tasty treat only to realize that you all you have is all purpose flour when you need self-rising flour, don’t panic. All you need is all purpose flour, salt, and baking powder to make your own self-rising flour. Simply combine 4 cups of all purpose flour, 2 teaspoons salt, and 2 teaspoons baking powder to make your own self-rising flour. It will work like a charm.

Add 2 eggs and half a cup of oil to any cake mix to turn it into cookie dough. Sometimes you want cookies, you don’t want to make them from scratch, but all you have is cake mix. You can easily turn any cake mix into cookie dough by adding 2 eggs and half a cup of oil to the mix. You can even add nuts or chocolate chips if you want. Then just bake them until they are done.

Save butter wrappers to butter pans with. Personally I hate when I need a little bit of butter to butter a pan, but I don’t have a stick of butter already open. Plus, I don’t want to cut a little off, then I don’t have accurate measurements if I want to use the butter for baking, so I have to open another stick. The wrappers almost always have a little butter left on them when you are finished, so save them in a small container. When you need to butter a pan you can take out a wrapper and rub it over the pan. Added bonus, your hands don’t get greasy because you have the wrapper to protect them.

Wrap banana stems with plastic wrap to keep them fresh longer. This prevents ethylene gas, which is naturally produced as the banana ripens, from reaching other parts of the banana and causing it to ripen faster.

Soak a sponge in water and microwave it for a minute to easily clean your microwave. Be careful because the sponge may be hot, but the water in the sponge will help to moisten the stuck on food in your microwave, making it easier to wipe it clean.

Store cookies in Tupperware with an apple wedge to keep them moist. To keep cookies from becoming stale in a container, place an apple wedge in the container with them and they will stay moist longer.

Use a curtain rod to store pot lids. Sounds crazy, but if you stagger curtain rods they make a perfect place to hold your pot lids so you can easily find the one you need. You can place the curtain rods in an area that isn’t used for anything else and again save yourself some storage space.

There’s plenty more where that came from! Enjoy 95 more amazing kitchen hacks in 103 Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier, now available on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

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